Investor Readiness Index

Ready to meet the SHARKS?

Most startups are unable to raise money from investors because they are not "INVESTOR-READY". This does not however mean that the ideas isn't a good one but a few things are not just in place. The IRI is a measure of how ready your startup is for investment. Shoot for 80% and you're good to go.


At the core of Qbate is our drive to help startups become investor ready. The IRI is a model we developed to measure how ready a startup is for investment. This uses key metrics such as, Idea-Market fit, Market size, Traction, Iteration rate, Execution Speed, Willingness to pivot and many more to measure investor readiness.

80% or NOTHING

A startup is considered to be investor-ready only when it attains at least 80% Investor Readiness. Only then will Qbate be a part of the funding process.

30% - No Brainer
No Brainer 30%
50% - Almost There
Almost There 50%
80% - Investor Ready
Investor-Ready 80%


Upon successful completion of the Investor Readiness Assessment which means scoring Investor Readiness Index of 80% and above. A certificate is automatically generated and can be downloaded immediately.